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Please note that we ONLY list sites related to bail bonds. The site MUST provide service to the city page you wish to be listed on. We have a strict editorial process and manually review each listing. We only list relevant, quality websites, for both featured and regular listing options

Three Ways to Add Your Site

1. Regular Listing

Cost is $1 a month – Annual payment of $12.00 (US Dollars)

No backlink to us is required.

Your listing will appear on an internal city specific page. You can include your Logo image, Name & Phone Number. You can specify one URL link for your listing. If you are interested in appearing in the top three featured listings, then please choose a Featured Listing (see below).

Benefits: Local Geographical Relevance, Strong Local Backlink, Leads from Phone Calls - No Charge!

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2. Featured Listing

Featured listings are placed at the top of the city page page and will also be placed at the top of the regular listing category. If there is more than one featured listing they will be placed in the order they are purchased. Maximum 3 Featured Listing Per City – First Come First Serve

Cost is $97 a month – quarterly payments of $291 (US Dollars)

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No return link required.

Your listing will include your logo, your GMB (Google Map) listing, one additional image (optional), full address and phone listing, email link, payment options, text about your business, up to 2 links of your choice, one with anchor text

Benefits: Local Geographical Relevance, Strong Local Backlink, Leads from Phone Calls - No Charge! Premium Page Placing, Customized Featured profile, MAJOR influence! Exclusive for first 3 listing - Renewed every Quarter

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Featured Listing get a quarterly "Digital Asset Health Evaluation"

3. Bundled Listings

Do you service a lot of different cities? If so, the bundled listings is the option for you. We offer discounted packages if you are looking to list your business in multiple cities.

Contact us for a custom quote. Prices vary depending on if you would like featured or regular listings and how many cities you wish to list in.

Listing Guidelines

Regardless of whichever listing option you choose, your website will need to be providing a service for bail bonds and must service the city page you are requesting to be added to. The website you wish us to link to must be a quality site to get listed. The majority of websites that are on topic are approved.

Failure to follow the guidelines may result in your listing being rejected.

When Will My Listing Be Added?

Websites that meet our guidelines of quality and relevance will be added on either Monday or Saturday, depending on the day you submit your site. You may submit your listing any day of the week.

Once we add your website we will send you an email letting you know where your link is located.

Listing Submission

Terms & Conditions

By processing this suggested URL, I agree

  • that final placement in the directory will be determined by the review staff;
  • to grant permission to edit, modify, or copy my site submission;
  • that submission or payment of the review fee does not guarantee inclusion in the directory if my site is off topic or of low quality;
  • that if you request for us to remove a paid submission once your link has been added, we will not give any refunds.
  • that we may also save your email address indefinitely to let you know when your site has been added and to later remind you that your listing is expiring;
  • that we reserve the right to change or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof.

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